Project Submission

Start-up businesses seeking capital should meet the following criteria before submitting a project:

  • Company based in Switzerland
  • Significant potential for growth
  • Protection by patents or know-how
  • The entrepreneurs see the coaching by StartAngels as an asset
  • The entrepreneurs have a track record
  • Exit strategy ready
  • Perception of valuation corresponds to expected return and risk
  • Total investment amounts to CHF 0.5-2 Mio.

Fact Sheet and Lean Innovation Canvas Completion
A Fact Sheet and a Lean Innovation Canvas form are available for download, completion and submission (one or two pages at most).   The completed FactSheet and Canvas are  for the inception of the investment process. There are no fees incurred by the start-up company.

Please find the submission templates for FactSheet and Canvas here: clickme
(alternatively, you might wish to produce your Canvas with this tool)

Next step: Project Submission  to
submitproject (at) startangels
Please attach the Factsheet and Canvas PDFs, and

Further Procedure
The ensuing actions follow the course outlined in the Investment Process.

only the Fact Sheet, Canvas and the Webpage are considered for the selection of companies (no business plans etc.)
1 – adjust filenames to CompanyNameSANFactSheetYYYYMM and CompanyNameSANCanvasYYYYMM respectively

2 – confirm that you will take part in the event if chosen (find dates on the bottom right of this page – selection usually is initiated some 6 weeks before the event)