Admission Criteria

  • By invitation only – i.e. on recommentation of a StartAngels member (sponsor, or Pate in German). The candidate already has invested in start-ups or has a substantiated intention to invest in start-ups
  • The candidate has experience as investor, in the creation and management of businesses or he commands knowledge important for the StartAngels Network
  • Pro-active personality buttressing the StartAngels Network
  • Networking und participation at our events are a concern of the candidate
  • The canditate is aware of the high risk incurred with early stage investments. Start-up investments are illiquid assets and may result in total loss of the invested capital.

Admission Process

  1. Following an invitation by a StartAngels member or by a partner organisation (AKB or Vontobel), the candidate participates at two StartAngels events.
  2. The canidate needs a StartAngel as a sponsor. As a rule, the inviting StartAngel assumes this part. For further individuals interested in membership the board will assign a suited member to contact and pre-appraise the candidate.
  3. The candidate submits his CV to the sponsor, while the sponsor in turn adds his comments and forwards the CV to the president (if the sponsor is a member of the board, the CV and comments will be forwarded to all board members)
  4. One board member interviews the candidate (omitted if the sponsor is a member of the biard)
  5. The board decides on the admission, by circular letter as a rule


StartAngels Network bylaws (in German): Download